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Paul’s Top 20 Best Films of 2013

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Well, it’s that time again. Yes, these are the films of 2013 that I enjoyed the most. Now keep in mind that these are my personal favorites in order of how much I enjoyed them. I will warn some of you that you may not see some of your own favorites on here, either because I ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 20 Worst Films of 2013

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com 2013 wasn’t as good as 2012 for film. We had many great films, we had many terrible films, but we mostly had many films that were so-so. I feel like that’s what you get every year, but that’s how it really felt for me. I took a long hiatus from writing reviews after Monsters University, but I ... Read More »

Paul’s 2014 Golden Globes Recap

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com It was a night of surprises and disappointments. The 71st Golden Globes were held last night and thanks to the wonderfully comedic talents of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the show was not a dud. But in all honesty, 2013 itself has been a mixed bag in terms of the films released. Out of all the nominated films, I ... Read More »

DETROIT UNLEADED Screening in Detroit!

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Ever heard of Detroit Unleaded? If you’re from Detroit and if you’re Middle Eastern-American, then you should. Detroit Unleaded is an independent film from native Detroit Rola Nashef, who is both the writer and director. According to Nashef, it is a remake of short film of the same name made in 2007. After being screened at 22 film festivals ... Read More »

Paul’s Emmys Recap

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Hello, Stones Detroit. I know, I know, it’s been way too long… I had to take a leave of absence due to some issues that I’d rather not discuss. I did see some films this summer that you may or may not see reviews for any time soon, but I’ll try my best to at least ... Read More »

“Monsters University” is a decent rebound for Pixar.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Pixar Animation is not been as strong as it used to be. I think we can all agree that the Golden Age of this top-of-the-line animation company ended in 2010 when Toy Story 3 (one of the best threequels of all time) was released. With mediocre efforts like Cars 2 and Brave following that, you’d think ... Read More »

“Man of Steel” is more like “Bland of Steel”.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com If there has ever been any superhero who has stood out as an American icon, it would have to be Superman. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joey Shuster in 1938, most people will agree that the Man of Steel has made a massive cultural impact over the last seventy-five years. There are, however, some who dismiss ... Read More »

As a hilarious apocalyptic comedy, “This Is the End” delivers what it promises.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Throughout the years, several films about apocalypses and post-apocalyptic worlds have been made. In these films, we see the struggles of normal people having to survive through tough situations in a dark environment. It’s often very serious and depressing. But have we ever once stopped and asked ourselves “What are celebrities doing during the apocalypse?” This ... Read More »

“Before Midnight” is a beautiful portrait of relationship exploration.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com If you are in the mood for romance at its most powerful, most thought-provoking, and its most uncomfortable, I would recommend something as strong as Before Midnight, the third installment of the now comfortably-named Before trilogy. Richard Linklater returns to both the director’s chair and the writer’s chair with his lead cast members Ethan Hawke and ... Read More »

“The Kings of Summer” is a purely eccentric and touching coming-of-age tale.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Straight out of Sundance is by far one of the year’s best films, The Kings of Summer, a comedic and dramatic coming-of-age story about the thrills and challenges of growing up. Newcomer director Jordan Vogt-Roberts brings to the screen an unconventional boys’ adventure story from a screenplay by debut screenwriter Chris Galletta filled with both humor and heart. This is the ... Read More »

An engaging plot and tremendous cast makes “Now You See Me” a magical treat.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com I remember the days where I was in love with magic. I had several magic books and even a magic box filled with many tricks to pull off. But never in a million years would I have imagined magic being used for crime sprees. Imagine you’re in a boardroom pitching your next big movie idea to ... Read More »

Although “Epic” is visually imaginative, its narrative is too generic.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Ever wondered what the forest would be like if it were made of little people? Well, Epic is hear to take audiences on a journey into a world of imagination and puniness. Blue Sky Studios, the animation company that has brought us Robots, Horton Hears A Who!, Rio, and of course the Ice Age series, brings ... Read More »

“The Hangover Part III” fails as a comedy as it detours into dark territory.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Ladies and gentlemen, we have another addition to the Disappointing Threequel Club. The Wolfpack is back in the third and final installment of The Hangover franchise. Why two more films needed to be made after the first and best one, obviously a reason to make more money. The Hangover, which won critical and audience acclaim and ... Read More »

“Star Trek Into Darkness” dazzles with great action and a compelling story.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com It’s time to boldly go where I have not gone before: into Star Trek territory. Well, okay to be perfectly honest, I have only seen the 2009 J.J. Abrams reboot. In my opinion, that particular film is a marvel of sci-fi wonder and a good way to pull in new Trekkies. Truthfully, my laziness has compelled ... Read More »

Aside from being a solid adaptation, “The Great Gatsby” misbalances softness and silliness.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com Time to talk about Baz Luhrmann, a director whose films have had prolonged waits in between release dates. His debut Strictly Ballroom was released in 1992, then Romeo + Juliet was released in four years later in 1996, his magnum opus Moulin Rouge waited five years for 2001, and finally he returned with Australia seven years ... Read More »

Despite some downfalls, “Iron Man 3” entertains with action-packed and humorous delight.

By: Paul Zecharia | www.stonesdetroit.com It’s May, and you know what that means? It’s time for another superhero blockbuster. Here we have the long-anticipated Iron Man 3, the third installment in the Iron Man film series and the first installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universes’s “Phase 2”. This is the beginning point for the buildup of The Avengers 2, which is ... Read More »

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