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“Man of Steel” is more like “Bland of Steel”.

By: Paul Zecharia | If there has ever been any superhero who has stood out as an American icon, it would have to be Superman. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joey Shuster in 1938, most people will agree that the Man of Steel has made a massive cultural impact over the last seventy-five years. There are, however, some who dismiss ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

By: Paul Zecharia | 2012 is nearly over and the end of the world is nigh. Well okay I don’t believe that, but what I do believe is that 2012 has brought us many great and memorable films. The films that got the most hype and even some of the biggest payoffs of this year include The Hunger Games, The ... Read More »

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