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Rescuing Animals…Who rescues who?

Rescuing Animals…Who rescues who?

Written by: S Holmes |

Every once in a while, I will sit down and try to remember the first time that I fell in love with a dog. I thought maybe it was when I was in kindergarten. I would pass a very large, German Shepherd in a yard with a foreboding, “Beware of Dog” sign on the gate. Of course, I could not beware, instead I would sneak up to the fence and get smothered in dog kisses.

More likely, my first love was Curly. I hadn’t even started school yet and Curly was a stray in my neighborhood. One stormy night, I snuck Curly into the house and that was all she wrote. For the record, I say snuck but I’m fairly certain that my mom knew what I was doing.

My love for pups has lasted my entire life and goes back as far as I can remember, so raising my kids with a beloved pet seemed like a no-brainer. I adopted our boxer, Gunner, 11 years ago. My son was only two. Watching them grow together was simply, a pleasure. My son has been through a lot and dogs seem to have comforting souls. Gunner would always comfort my son when he needed it but would also play for hours on end. They were a perfect match. The fact that my son was going to have to watch his best friend age at a much quicker rate than he was, always loomed in the back of my mind.

The time came this past spring. Gunner had developed cancer. We could have opted for surgery, chemo and radiation but instead, we decided to keep him pain free. We let him pass with dignity, love and the comfort of his family surrounding him. My son was devastated, I was devastated.

As a bit of time went by, I started thinking of rescuing another pup. Some of my family members thought that we should wait but after discussing it with my husband, we decided to take the leap. I thoroughly explained to my kids that Gunner could never, ever be replaced. Instead, we were giving another dog a home and a family to love him and to be loved back, unconditionally.

I started my search by Googling Michigan animal rescues and I came across Last Day Dog Rescue. Last Day Dog Rescue is exactly what its title says. They rescue dogs that are facing their last days. They are an all-volunteer based organization. Their mission is to rescue dogs from high-kill shelters across Michigan and Ohio, where they euthanize by gas or sell their dogs to research labs to be used for painful testing and experiments. The rescued dogs are then placed into foster homes where they can interact with humans and other animals in an effort to make them adoptable. They hold a special place in their hearts for the underdogs, dogs that wouldn’t be considered “cute” by most and senior dogs that are often passed over for puppies.

Last Day Dog Rescue is where we found our boy, Pickles. Pickles has helped my family begin to heal, he has brought a new joy into our home that can only come from owning a pet. It almost seems like he knows why we were brought together and has proudly taken on his role. I often wonder who rescued who?

If you want to look at some animals that are in need of a family, check out Last Day Dog Rescue’s site by clicking here. Please also keep in mind that there is a huge demand for foster –homes. Dogs are being rescued every day and volunteers are always needed. You can fill out an application to become a foster or a volunteer. Browse through the site and check out some upcoming events. You never know, your newest family member could be patiently waiting for you.

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