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CONGRATULATIONS on getting married! Now what? The whole boyfriend girlfriend thing is completely different. You signed the paperwork, now here are the secrets to keeping it all together from here on out. Hopefully these funny tips help you both forget what you ever argue about in the first place:


* Always wear your wedding ring – If you take this off you will never win another arguement again

* Don’t expect dinner to be made every single day– This is not the 50’s, both sexes are capable of making a meal. Suprisingly, your wife will appreciate this more and might actually enjoy having dinner ready for you.

* The thought does NOT count– Don’t mention the gift you “thought” about getting her. It’s nice to know you thought of her, but it’s nicer to know you thought of her AND brought her home a gift.

* Women lie- When your wife tells you that she won’t be mad, she really means that she’s already mad for whatever you’re about to tell her. When she asks you not to lie and tell her if she really looks fat; she wants you to lie and tell her how sexy she looks in anything she wears.

* Spoil her– You don’t need a Trump account to do this either. Surprise her with a massage, a trip to the hair salon, or even a “date night” over dinner (you prepared) and a movie she loves. When she least expects it, especially when she’s mad, just surprise her with tickets to her favorite concert or a flight for the two of you to Hawaii. She won’t say no, or care about any arguements you’ve had for the past few months!


* Don’t spend all the money– I know those shoes look fit for a princess or that expensive purse was made for you; but don’t spend all your earnings in one trip to the mall. Your husband will appreciate your savvy spending habits; and he’ll be able to spoil you when he can.

* Fix his driving– He won’t know he’s going too fast unless you tell him. Don’t slam on the imaginary brakes, or just hold your breath. Say something!

* Smile and nod– When your husband needs to vent or just talk to you about something you have no interest in; just smile and nod. You can add a little input, but don’t insult his favorite sports team. It works all the time.

* If you want something just feed him– There’s nothing more men like than a home cooked meal. Cook for him everyday and you’ll always get what you want.

* Don’t sweat the small stuff– There are so many things that are just not that important. Let it go and save your energy for the big fights. But in reality, it’s all small stuff. You should never really let any arguements get in the way of your happiness as a married couple.

It all boils down to this; don’t get caught up in the same routine. You two spark the fire so keep it lit! Talk and communicate when you can, avoid taking things seriously, and NEVER take one another for granted. Marriage is just a balance between two people. It’s a new journey to the rest of your life; enjoy it!


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    How come the girls have so much less to worry about then the men?

  2. I hate to say this, but women usually take things a lot more serious than men do. “A happy wife is a happy life.” Remember that. It does go hand in hand, like I said marriage needs a a good balance. But if women stressed out as much as men do, they would deal with early balding, wrinkles, and memory loss more often. Keep your wives looking youthful and give her a massage once in a while. It won’t hurt 😉

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