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How can I advertise on

How can I advertise on

So you’re thinking about how Stones Detroit can help you and your business grow? Great! Let me explain to you how it works. We have developed a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to promote your business and or offer. You can now get your message out to a large amount of people for close to nothing. Many businesses struggle with advertising and not being able to afford it. The truth is “You can’t Afford not to Advertise” when running a business. That’s why we have the Stone Cold Deals to do the work for you. I’ll explain it for you..

This is how a Stone Cold Deal works

1. The first thing you do is find out what great deal you have to offer.

2. In the deal we will include your company info, description of your business, services you offer and a QR Code that will connect to either your website, facebook page or any other page you want it connected to.


3. We create for you a deal that looks like this.

4.  After you approve the draft, we will post it to and it will be the top story on the main page. It will stay on the main page as one of the top 16 stories and it will also be featured on the top right side of the page as one of the top 5 deals just posted. It will also show in the deals tab on the header bar at the top. For supporting Stones Detroit, you will also have your company listed in the business directory as the businesses we support!


5.  We will post your deal on the Stones Detroit Facebook Page which has over 1600 likes, on our Facebook Community Page that has over 900 members and all of us here at Stones Detroit will share it on our own Facebook pages. We embed your Stone Cold Deal right in to the social media network. Remember, other people that find the deal will also share it with their friends as well. You, will be able to share it with whomever you’d like!


I bet you want to know how many people will see it on the site? I thought you’d never ask! 

In the month of December saw a total of 29,808 pageviews and so far for this month we’re at 49,747. The statistics are provided by Google Analytics. Click here to see the chart

We are on our way to reaching over 60,000 pageviews this month and that’s only the beginning. More and more people are logging in to the site everyday and the traffic continues to grow. We will be at over 100,000 monthly pageviews in just a couple of months. We understand Analytics and we’ll be able to focus on ways to get your company noticed.


How much does this cost, you ask?  

The normal charge to run a Stone Cold Deal is $440.00, but for anyone that is interested in supporting right now will get our Special Introductory Price of only $220.00!!  10% of which will be directed to various non-profits affiliated with Stones Detroit. The deal will run for one month or until you stop running your deals. To make things even sweeter, anyone that supports Stones Detroit now will be locked in to that special introductory price for 2 years. That’s right! You will only have to pay $220.00 every time you post a Stone Cold Deal, even when we get to 500,000 or 2,500,000 pageviews a month. you’ll only pay that much for that much exposure.


You can start right here. 

You can contact us right here and someone will get back to you shortly. Or, you can work with the person that told you about this deal to begin with.



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