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Have you been SPPRAK’ed? Are you a SPPRAK’er?

Have you been SPPRAK’ed? Are you a SPPRAK’er?

Gracie Love | Stones Detroit     May 6, 2013

And now that I have your curiosity piqued, lets test your SPPRAKing ability. First what is SPPRAKing?

SPPRAKing is, Encouraging acts of kindness that  make a difference in someone’s life. It can be as simple as tying someone’s shoe lace. Letting someone go before you in the grocery line. Taking a grocery cart on your way IN to the grocery store. You can SPPRAK in your very own unique way! Have fun with it!

On the Facebook page of Special People Performing Random Acts of Kindness, a Non-Profit Organization, SPRRAKing is described by:

{We encourage you to} embrace your community by positive actions.  Whether it be supporting a fundraiser, working with non-profit organizations, feeding the hungry, cleaning up a section in a neighborhood, mentoring a child, or caring for an elderly neighbor. The list goes on……..

I had had a rough beginning of my day but, was saved by a Random Act of Kindness by my daughters and grandbaby, Iris Joy. I first saw the SPPRAKing story on The Nightly News Tonight. It was proceeded by, What’s Killing our Honey Bee’s question. A sad story to say the least. I listened and learned, and had guessed it right, the over use of pesticides. I thought to myself, Of Course Dummies!  I started to run a story on Stones Detroit about the Honey Bees and what can we do as citizens to help our Honey Bees thrive in a world that is so saturated with pesticides, and we as consumers most times have no idea about what harm those chemicals can do. Now we know it is more than killing weeds right!

So, as the commercials run the announcer says that there is a story that I will want to hear about. Stay Tuned, so I like a good girl, stayed tuned. I was not sure what I was going to hear but I sure could use some good news rather than the same old news of war, dissention, hate, crimes, accidental death, the list goes on.

I watched, I listened, I really heard what was being said on my T.V., SPPRAKing, Special People Performing Random Acts of Kindness. A wall in a school is filled with bright colored post it notes; my favorite thing EVER! On the  notes are little hand writing ” I helped Sarah tie her shoe lace”, ” I helped a little kid with her homework”, little things folks! Little acts that go unnoticed every day, things that apparently are expected of us. Acts of kindness that truly do make an impression on the receiver.

There was two older kids, two boys in their teens, one said this “…we live in a world filled with, well hate and darkness…” That stopped me right there in my tracks! Isn’t it true, our children, the ones that we waited nine months for, the very one that we were blessed with, the ones that made us dream bigger, live much fuller, are now the very ones that see the world through jaded eyes, hardened hearts and sometimes hopelessness that drains them of any happiness. How can we let them down like that? What can we do to help them rethink the way they see their world? How can we help them not to give up on humanity, compassion, empathy for their fellow neighbor?

SPPRAKing!!! You are the one that needs to let your inner child out, let your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors catch you SPPRAKing! Teach them through SPPRAKing that they too can see the world through the eyes of innocence. Did you know that when you perform one kind gesture that that gestures causes a ripple effect? That there are serotonin, feel good hormones that are released into your system flooding it with positive energy? YES! The benefits of SPPRAKing is bigger than just you, and your gesture! I challenge you to try it yourself. See what happens when you do something completely unexpected!

Tie someone’s shoe laces!

Gracie Love


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