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Get Real, Radio. Yes You, Channel 95.5.

Get Real, Radio. Yes You, Channel 95.5.

By: Dave Rupe |

What you’re about to read hear (pun intended)  isn’t new news. The story broke in march of last year. So why am I bringing it up? To make a long story short, I hear office chatter all the time over a bit on Channel 95.5 in Detroit. The bit I speak of is “Ware of the Roses.”

If you don’t already know this, War of The Roses is 110% fake. It’s the brain child of a company called United Stations Radio Network, co-founded by the late Dick Clark. The fake doesn’t stop at War of The Roses however. Need someone controversial to call into your radio show? Hire USRN. Need to do an interview with a hot celebrity and make it sound like your DJ is the one doing the interview  Buy the prerecorded interview, hand it to an engineer to slice it up and make it sound like a live interview with any DJ you want.

Every day you’re bombarded with lies and deceit from your favorite radio station personalities.  Some of it is easy to spot, as it’s painfully obvious that the person on the phone with your radio host is a very bad actor. However, there are more convincing people working at making the fantasy seem like real life. Next time you listen, think. Perception often isn’t reality when it comes to radio and television.

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