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Detroit Fights Back – 2nd Amendment Style

By Terri Garza-Makowski |   Detroit, Michigan. Henry Ford. Jimmy Hoffa. Motown. These are some of the things one thinks of when they think of Detroit. But google ‘Detroit Self Defense Killings’ and you will now think of Detroit in yet another way: a banner of law abiding citizens upholding the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. We are no stranger ... Read More »

Belle Isle Smack-Down

By: Terri Garza-Makowski |   Unless you live in a cave, by now have heard or read about our esteemed city council and their inability to come to a decision on the management agreement with the state of Michigan to take over the maintenance and care of our beautiful Belle Isle Park. The park has been falling into a ... Read More »

Student Comes Out to Teacher – Upworthy

By: Terri Garza-Makowski |   I just read the posting on about the gay high school student that wrote a letter to his teacher with his coming out. In his letter he shares his fear of rejection because of his orientation and is uncertain how his family might respond to his news. The teacher’s response was a wonderful, ... Read More »

DetroitSoup – It Gets Things Popping

By Terri Garza-Makowski |   A few weeks back, I posted a video news story that ran on NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams. It was a great story for the start of the new year telling of a small group of people coming together each month paying $5.00 to share in soup, salad and togetherness to support an ... Read More »

Are We Walking Dead Yet, Detroit?

By Terri Garza-Makowski |   Many years ago, in a different lifetime, I worked with a company as a training coordinator for our manufacturing products. I picked up a group of customers who had flown in from China. There were four of them and only one could speak English, who spoke on behalf of the group. As I carted ... Read More »

Happy Birthday to the “King”

By: Terri Garza-Makowski |   Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday. If he had survived he would be have been 78 years old and a grandfather. It is no mystery why he was crowned the King. With his good looks, smooth style, smoky bedroom eyes and his lullaby tone, he was the original Pop Star. Long live the King!   ... Read More »

All You Have to do is – BeLiEVe

By: Terri Garza-Makowski | Life is hard for everyone. We all have a story to tell; the one thing that makes it us who we are, good or bad. But no matter the story you are the central character. You. YOURSELF. The one thing missing is the ability to BELIEVE. One letter between two words. Believe – the only ... Read More »

DetroitSoup – A Micro of Hope in Economic Hard Times – via NBC Nightly News

By: Terri Garza-Makowski |   I was once told there is no such thing as a bad ideal. An ideal, much like a dream, motivates and gives one hope for their future. Oftentimes, we live in the grandeur of our dreams, secretly hoping someone would believe in us enough to help make it happen. Well, now is your opportunity. ... Read More »

Be The Change

By Terri Garza-Makowski |   “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” ~ Gandhi It is that time of year again. That time for reflection of ... Read More »

Tragedy and the God Complex

By: Terri Garza-Makowski |   Again, we mourn as a nation. Before reading on, please take a moment to think of those who have lost their lives. The children.  The adults. Their families. Now think of your own children or those that you love. I ask that you remember these are real people with real lives. I ask that for ... Read More »

The Face of a New Nation

By Terri Garza-Makowski Stones Contributor   The election is finally over and, like many of you, I breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t know if I could really tolerate another moment of what many consider the most uncivilized presidential election ever. There are many things that could be learned from this election. But I think the most important thing ... Read More »

Nique LoveRhodes – Against All Odds

By Terri Garza-Makowski – Stones Contributor   It’s a blustery day in metro Detroit and I am waiting in the Leo’s Coney Island in Westland for Nique Love Rhodes. She is an up and coming rapper with a positive spin on the genre of music she fell in love with as a child.  She arrives wearing a grey knit skull ... Read More »

A Roller Derby League of Their Own

By: Terri Garza-Makowski – Stones Detroit Contributor   Detroit is a sports town, the best in the nation. Not just any sports town. There is no glitz or glamour with our athletes. They are raw & real and their fans are gritty, die-hard, stand by your side no matter what, type of fans. They love you when you’re up and ... Read More »

Who’s New To Da Hood – Holli Woodard

By: Terri Garza-Makowski – Stones Contributor Who’s New To Da Hood comes to you this week introducing Holli Woodard. Holli is graduate of Eastern Michigan University and now works for BASF from her home base. I took a few minutes to chat with Holli and her decision to move to Detroit.   Why Detroit? This is where my heart is ... Read More »

My Sister Song: The Sex Trade

By: Terri Garza-Makowski – Stones Detroit Contributor   It’s a cold Saturday night in metropolitan Detroit. A group of ladies are meeting at one of the their homes in Garden City. They are dressed understated and professionally. They meet here to go over the ground rules as they coach a new comer to the fold to go out with this ... Read More »

Weight a Minute: An Essay on Compassion

By: Terri Garza-Makowski – Stones Contributor   Given the day and age that we live in, most of you who are reading this have viewed the viral video of news anchor responding to a viewer’s critique about her weight. Opinions are a lot like assholes: everybody’s got one. That guy just decided to let everyone know what a big asshole ... Read More »

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