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HTC ONE v/s Samsung Galaxy S4. Better Camera or Better Build Quality. Which do you prefer?

Sunil Ajwani | I will start off this article by stating that i am currently an Apple iPhone 4S owner and i am very satisfied with my iPhone. That being said, i also have a deep respect for Samsung and what they’ve done with the explosion of the Galaxy Smartphones. The Galaxy line from Samsung has been taking over ... Read More »

AirDisk Pro App for iPhone and iPad turns your mobile device into a Wireless Flash Drive. Free for a limited time only!

Sunil Ajwani | I just downloaded this app called “AirDisk Pro” which turns your Apple mobile devices into a wireless USB Flash Drive.  It’s already been FREE for 24 hours.  I just checked and the app is still FREE so if you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you should definitely download this application for your mobile device ... Read More »

Samsung rents out Radio City Music Hall to annouce the NEW Galaxy S4. Watch out Apple, Sammy is about to apply more pressure!

  Sunil Ajwani | The Android mobile revolution may have started with the HTC EVO and the LG Optimus back in 2009/2010, but only ONE company stands out in the Android Mobile Smart phone market these days and that’s Samsung.  Samsung has been labeled the only TRUE COMPETITOR to Apple’s iPhone in the global smartphone market.  Mobile Smartphone companies ... Read More »

Google will start to sell Augmented Reality Android Based Glasses to Consumers this year for less than $1500.00.

Sunil Ajwani | Sergey Brin (One of the Co-Founders of Google) has been on a few Tech Blogs and TV interviews recently talking about Project Glass. Project Glass is one of many products that are being developed by Google’s R&D group called Google X Lab. Project Glass which is now being called Glass is coming out with a futuristic ... Read More »

WhatsApp has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines.

By Sunil Ajwani | According to the Financial Times, WhatsApp “has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines.” I’ve talked about this story a few times in my previous blog postings, so bear with me.  During a beautiful summer night in 2009, i was sitting in the garage with all of my ... Read More »

A Sound City Environment

By: Sunil Ajwani | My science teacher in middle school said something to me that was very profound.  She said that we are all a “Product of our Environment”.  That statement has been with me ever since and that’s exactly what David Grohl’s (from Nirvana & Foo Fighters) new filmmaking debut has illustrated in a documentary called “Sound City“.  ... Read More »

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