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When it all comes together.

By Jimmy Haddad | I can’t take it anymore! Life is just too difficult to enjoy. My life seems like a game at times. Every time I pass a level, I get stuck on the next one. Why does everything in my life have to be so hard to accomplish? It drives me crazy; all the things that could go ... Read More »

So you Think you can Dance in Detroit – The Auditions

By Jimmy Haddad | Hollywood could possibly be only a few steps away for a select few in this year’s auditions of So You Think You Can Dance in Detroit city. The excitement was at an all time high for most all of the contestants waiting for their turn in what could be the biggest turning point in their ... Read More »

4 dead, I-75 South at Springwells shut down after multi-vehicle accident

By Jimmy Haddad | There has been a horrific accident on South bound I-75 @ Springwells. A multi-vehicle accident has already lead to 4 deaths and 8 wounded, 2 of them adults for certain. The freeway is shut down and cleanup crews, EMS, Fire Department and warming buses are on the scene. It all started with 3 separate accidents ... Read More »

Let’s not just think about it…

By Jimmy Haddad | It’s not the coffee… It’s everything else that happens around me that keeps me awake… So many things are on my mind all the time and it’s a constant battle of knowing which one deserves the fight more. So many things are wrong with everything I see from a day to day basis. People cry, ... Read More »

One for All and All for Jill

Never turn your back on her… Written by Jimmy Haddad | When was the last time you thought about someone being in your life forever? How long would you want forever to be? If it was me, I would want to make that decision. Sometimes that isn’t even an option, especially when it comes to cancer and other forms ... Read More »

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