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You’re Programmed To Fail As A Financial Market Participant

By: Dave Rupe To switch things up a little let’s take a look at probably the most important and most ignored aspect of markets; psychology. Whether you’re an average American citizen or living as the poorest of citizens of a third world country, you’re not very different from each other at all. Let me explain. We’re all human beings. ... Read More »

Market Maker: Your Best Friend & Worst Enemy

By: Dave Rupe | When most people buy a stock or other financial instrument they assume they’re buying it from another individual participating in the market. This is rarely the case. Every market needs a liquidity provider for those times when liquidity is lacking or just plain nonexistent. Market makers serve an important role, yet hinder the success of ... Read More »

Solar – Detroit’s Next Big Boom?

By: Dave Rupe | Technology evolves. That’s a fact. Some is built to stand the test of time, but it’s always improving. Detroit’s claim to fame is the automobile, but is it time for something new? Is it time to evolve? Much of the auto business is globalized in part that the much of the world uses automobiles to transport ... Read More »

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