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Paul’s Top 20 Best Films of 2013

By: Paul Zecharia | Well, it’s that time again. Yes, these are the films of 2013 that I enjoyed the most. Now keep in mind that these are my personal favorites in order of how much I enjoyed them. I will warn some of you that you may not see some of your own favorites on here, either because I ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 20 Worst Films of 2013

By: Paul Zecharia | 2013 wasn’t as good as 2012 for film. We had many great films, we had many terrible films, but we mostly had many films that were so-so. I feel like that’s what you get every year, but that’s how it really felt for me. I took a long hiatus from writing reviews after Monsters University, but I ... Read More »

Aside from being a solid adaptation, “The Great Gatsby” misbalances softness and silliness.

By: Paul Zecharia | Time to talk about Baz Luhrmann, a director whose films have had prolonged waits in between release dates. His debut Strictly Ballroom was released in 1992, then Romeo + Juliet was released in four years later in 1996, his magnum opus Moulin Rouge waited five years for 2001, and finally he returned with Australia seven years ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 10 Best And Worst Super Bowl Commercials Of 2013

By: Paul Zecharia | Ah yes, the Super Bowl. The only time of the year where I actually look forward to watching the commercials. Yeah…I’m not a football fan (please don’t organize an angry mob). However, I love the Super Bowl. Much like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it’s one of those great times of the year to get together with your ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 20 Best Films Of 2012

By: Paul Zecharia | Well, here’s the list you’ve wanted for a while, my Top 20 Best Films of 2012. Some of these choices you may have already known, but some may surprise you. This was definitely a great year for film with several that pleased me and some that even exceeded my expectations. There were even some surprises that ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 20 Worst Films Of 2012

By: Paul Zecharia | 2012 was a pretty memorable year for film. We’ve had some hits, some duds, and some disappointments. I try to see as many films as possible within one year. I did see a lot in 2012 and because of this, I couldn’t bring myself to create Top 10 Lists. So before I tell what films I ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 10 Favorite Christmas Films

              By: Paul Zecharia | Christmas is here! I love Christmas and so do you! Besides the presents, being with family, and celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, another aspect I look forward to around Christmas is the movies. Everybody has that one Christmas movie or special that they watch every year ... Read More »

Paul’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

By: Paul Zecharia | 2012 is nearly over and the end of the world is nigh. Well okay I don’t believe that, but what I do believe is that 2012 has brought us many great and memorable films. The films that got the most hype and even some of the biggest payoffs of this year include The Hunger Games, The ... Read More »

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