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19 Year Old Develops Machine To Clean The Oceans Of Plastic

19 Year Old Develops Machine To Clean The Oceans Of Plastic (via photo credit: The Ocean Cleanup. Plastic might be a cheap, versatile and useful material, but it’s also an environmental disaster. We produce around 300 million tons of plastic per year, and since 1950 we have produced around 6 billion metric… Read More »

Warren Buffett Investing $15 Billion More Into Renewables

The Warren Buffet cash-train appears to still have more on it for renewables, based on recent statements made by the mega-investor. While making a speech at a conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, Buffet made the comment that while his Berkshire… Read More »

EPA Proposes Reducing Biofuel Mandate

EPA Proposes Reducing Biofuel Mandate (via AP Video) The Obama administration wants to reduce the amount of ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply, acknowledging that the biofuel law championed by both parties is not working as well as expected. AP’s Dina Cappiello breaks down what this means. (Nov. 15) Read More »

Skull discovery suggests early man was single species

Skull discovery suggests early man was single species (via AFP) A stunningly well-preserved skull from 1.8 million years ago offers new evidence that early man was a single species with a vast array of different looks, researchers said. With a tiny brain about a third the size of a modern human’s, protruding brows… Read More »

Firm to seek green light for malaria vaccine

Firm to seek green light for malaria vaccine (via AFP) Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said on Tuesday it hoped to get the green light for a prototype vaccine against malaria after trials showed it offered children a partial shield against the disease. Results for the Phase III stage of the closely-followed… Read More »

Ikea launches solar panels test

Ikea launches solar panels test (via AFP) The world’s leading furniture retailer Ikea said Monday it had started selling solar panels in its British stores. “It’s a logical extension. You can buy everything that consumes energy (at Ikea) so why not buy something that generates energy,” the… Read More »


    I found that the following plants have high marks for helping improve the air quality in the home! Aloe Vera – Not only can it be used for burns on the skin, it is also known to remove formaldahyde from the air. Areca Palm – General air purifier, especially as it grows larger. It’s known for being one ... Read More »

DTE Energy disputes environmental group’s claim of coal ash contamination at Metro Detroit landfill

DETROIT, MI – DTE Energy disputes a report by an environmental group that says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added 18 sites to a list of places where coal ash is contaminating ground water, including two metro Detroit sites. The Environmental Integrity Project says the EPA has listed the JR Whiting generating plant, owned by Consumers Energy, in ... Read More »

Peru To Power 2 Million Of Its Poorest — By Solar Energy

Peru last week initiated a new program that will provide electricity to more than two million of its poorest residents using solar panels. Energy and Mining Minister Jorge Merino said that the program will allow 95% of Peru to have access to electricity… Read More »

What is “fracking” and what does it mean to Michigan

Gracie Love | Stones Detroit June 9, 2013 I have heard of Fracking, but I had no idea until of late what it means to our natural environment. Michigan, The Great Lakes State should be informed and fearful of what fracking will do to our natural water ways and the wild life that lives there, like us. Here is the ... Read More »

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